Dear Son

Dear Son,

I love you more than life itself.  I remember the first day I touched your sweet face and held you in my arms like it was yesterday.  I've loved nothing more than watching your firsts, learning with you each day, laughing, smiling and watching you grow into the eight year old you are today.  I'm completely devoted to helping you reach your fullest potential in all that you do.  Some things about you are so obviously shared between you and your father, like your witty sense of humor, height and build and remarkable athleticism.  Other things are uniquely your own, like the depth of your care for others, deep within your "all things boyish" frame, you have an astonishing kind heart and all or nothing attitude.  I love that you can race down the soccer field, scoring goals left and right, yet you're willing to stop in the middle of the game to help a teammate get on his keeper gloves.  I love that you see your sister screaming on the couch for something she wants, too stubborn to get up and get it herself, and you scramble to find it for her.  I love that you cry, in the shadows, if you lose a soccer game or if we talk to you about something that scares you.  It humanizes your fearless demeanor and shows glimpses into your heart, your soul.  I love that you can bat, kick, throw and dribble a ball as if you've been doing it for 30 years rather than 8, yet you look like a drowning octopus if you put on a pair of skates.  I love that you pace the floor if I'm not home within minutes of going to the grocery store, because you're tender hearted nature lets your mind wander and worry.  I love that you're intelligent enough to read sixth grade books in third grade, but still innocent enough to enjoy simple picture books with your sister.  I love that you're happy whether you're painting a pumpkin on the porch, throwing a football in the yard, reading a book in your bed, building with Legos in the floor or watching your favorite movie on TV.  I thank God for my precious son whom I love and adore.  I can't WAIT to see God's plans for you unfold, my precious, all or nothing, love with all your heart son.  I look at you and can't wait to see that special woman who will one day be lucky enough to be your wife, then I have to catch my breath as I think about the few years I have left to hold you on the couch and read you a book.  I love you, your wide eyes, your innocence and your passion.  Thank you for filling my life with joy.



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