Thoughts from a Soccer Mom

So we've spent the better part of our weekend at a soccer tournament...and we LOVED it!  My son has played soccer since he was 3, he's now 5, and I have to say...I hope he sticks with it.  Soccer has taught him the value of team work, work vs. play, athleticism, good sportsmanship and so much more.  This year has been tough, because he's on a VERY young team for their age bracket, but if they stick together, they have such great potential for the years ahead!   After last season's undefeated run, it's been a tough life lesson in "losing", but I know it's building character and stamina in my precious 8 year old son.  As with life, we have to win some and we have to lose some... I just hope he takes the losses and turns these moments into lessons for future winning seasons.  And in the end...it's all just a game...but it sure is fun to win!  ;)

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