Detox Bath...Do You Believe?

So...we, like everyone else, are on a path to healthier living.  I decided to give my three year old daughter a detox bath tonight...like many things I try, I never really know if they're going to work and sometimes I don't really know if they worked or not...I kind of guess, hope, pray...but sometimes never know.  Well tonight...I know...IT.WORKED.  In more ways than one...I mean, can I see that she's "detoxed"?  Well, no.  I can see that her skin is super soft...my husband even commented on it.  I can also see that she's VERY tired/relaxed...whichever you prefer (ha!)...so much that her eyes almost closed while she was in the floor working on a puzzle.  Now...if you knew my little bit, you would know this is a big deal.  I wasn't really trying to make her sleepy, but I am on a mission to be healthier AND we're working on remineralizing her teeth...or in layman's terms, healing her cavities.  So...I tried the bath detox.  You can use several essential oils in this detox, but I decided to try the oil I have for relaxation.  Yes, an oil for relaxation on my daughter who usually stays up until midnight and she can't hardly hold her eyes open! YES!  We've been struggling with naps for sometime now.  If she has a nap, she's awake until all hours of the night, up and down, out of bed, yelling out for us, destroying her bathroom upstairs...you name it, she does it.  If you DON'T give her a nap, she falls asleep around 5 or 6pm, I wake her up for dinner and she's cranky and whiny.  Well, today she had a nap..and a detox bath...and she's in bed by 8:00pm...AND QUITE.  I.Am.More.Than.Impressed!!!

So...to recap...I gave her a detox bath to first and foremost...
1.  Detox her body in conjunction with her "Cure Your Own Cavities" routine.
2.  Help her eczema.
3.  Relax her.

I believe the bath accomplished ALL THREE THINGS.  Here's what I did:

Run a bath of warm water and add the following:
1/2 c. Epsom Salt
1/4c. Baking Soda
1 tbsp. Organic or Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil
5-7 drops your choice of essential oil

Now...that's the easy part.  Here are some key factors to make this a great experience:
1.  If you have a child older than 5, I would double each of the ingredients above - bigger child, more water, etc.
2.  Do this on a night you don't need to "bathe".  This will open your child's pores a bit and let toxins out, so just let them sit and play and splash around.  I sat in the floor and read a few books to her.
3.  This will make hair greasy, so it's not recommended to wash hair...I always pull my little girl's hair up in a bun.
4.  They need to sit/play/bathe for 20 minutes.
5.  The essential oil you use is up to you...I would change it up depending on whether your child is sick and needs a germ fighter, wound tightly and needs a relaxant, achy and needs soothing, etc.
6.  If you're not on the essential oils boat yet and don't really know where to buy or don't have the money to spend beaucoup moolah on a teeny bottle of oil, go to Amazon and buy Plant Essentials...they're a FRACTION of the cost of doTerra and Young and they work GREAT.  I haven't found one YET that I don't like.  If you have a Prime or Amazon Mom account, you can get free two day shipping on these - even BETTER!

This is the oil I used tonight:  Calming the Child

I suggest using this detox bath a couple of times a week...more in the case of a cold or infection.  I would love to hear your positive experiences and great ideas!  I love feedback from readers.  Happy Health!

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