I HEART Amazon!

Okay...in all seriousness...Amazon is my new Walmart.  I.Love.Amazon.  I get free two day shipping, I can order many items I can't find locally, I get GREAT prices through Amazon coupons, Subscribe and Save discounts and daily specials...I just can't say ENOUGH good things about Amazon!  I've ordered everything from birthday gifts to large ticket Christmas items to essential oils, groceries, cleaning supplies and clothes.  Amazon has also taken the place of wholesale clubs since I can get wipes, toilet tissue, paper towels, etc. in bulk and set it up on shipments.  I.LOVE.AMAZON.  Did I say that already?!

If you're a soon-to-be new mom or you have an infant/toddler, you can't BEAT their Amazon Mom discounts.  You should definitely check them out...I saved TONS on diapers, wipes and baby items...large items and baby wash...you name it, I got it.  I LOVE that you can read reviews on products, pull up past orders for quick re-ordering and ship gifts to other addresses for free.

I'll be posting amazing Amazon deals periodically, so be sure to check in and click fast...Amazon deals are not guaranteed through a specific time or date, so it often just depends on how quickly they sell out or meet the number of items they want to sell...then the price usually increases gradually.

For a limited time, Amazon is offering A free 30 day trial to Amazon Prime!!

Woohooo!!  My favorite thing about Amazon Prime?!  FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING!  I can order birthday gifts on Wednesday and have them for a party on Saturday...LOVE!  You'll also have:
  • Access to over 5,000 Kindle items FOR FREE
  • Unlimited instant streaming to 41,000+ Movies and TV Shows
  • And lots more!
Seriously check it out...and you can thank me later.  ;)  Just ask my UPS man...he'll tell you...I'm a HUGE Amazon fan!  Hehehe...

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