Olympic Freebies!

We homeschool, so I'm always looking for ways to incorporate what's going on in the world around us into our lessons.  I was also an Elementary School Teacher for TWELVE years...and I LOVED every second of it!  I know what hard work goes into planning and how much teachers appreciate you letting them know about teaching freebies.  So...whether you're a daycare worker, teacher, home school parent, Olympic Birthday Party Planner or a mom who might want to print these for a teacher...these are some GREAT freebies to use in conjunction with the Winter Olympics...they're coming soon!

While you're at it, check out our fun Olympic Designs on our Emerson Lane Originals page.  You can get these on a onesie, t-shirt, tote bag or graphic sent straight to your email to use for party planning...personalized!

Enjoy the free stuff!

86 Free Worksheets, Games and Printables from Teachers Pay Teachers!!

HUGE Olympics Tot Pack for 2-5  year olds (pre-writing, sorting and more!)

100+ Page Winter Olympics Fun Pack - Includes Pages for Individual Study on Olympic Athletes

Ice Skating Free Play Time - How Fun is THIS?!

HUGE Olympic Roundup - Printable, websites, videos, library books and more!

25 MORE Winter Olympic Worksheets

Olympic Bingo Printable Game

Ancient Greece Lapbook

Fun Team USA Drink for Recipe Time

Learn to Draw Olympic Sports - These Are Fun!

Great List of Printables and Books

The Official SOCHI APP!  Get Real Time Olympic Updates!

There are a TON of resources out there if you have time to look for them...these are just a few of our faves!  My son LOVES learning about the Olympics...it's the highlight of his day!  It's so much fun to watch his excitement build...I'm looking forward to it more this year just anticipating it with him!  Go Team USA!

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  1. Thanks for the resources! I'm planning to homeschool my toddler soon and I'm sure I can find more resources here in your blog. By the way, I'm visiting from Bloggy Moms. Have a great day! :)


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