Morning Flowers

My sweet three year old daughter LOVES flowers.  She wants to pick any and every flower she sees.  I was cooking breakfast not too long ago and she says, "Mama.  I have to go potty"...so, off she goes toward the bathroom.  A few minutes later, she walks past me, holding beautiful yellow flowers - flowers I had never seen before... Hmmm... So I ask her, where did you get those flowers?  To which she replies...outside.  This is a big problem.  My sweet little bit is SUPER brave.  She has never met a stranger.  She doesn't mind venturing outside alone, going outside the gate to pick flowers at a park, following a stranger because she has a "cute baby in the stroller"...oooh...and the list could go on... You have to keep eyes on her at ALL times.  My husband and I decided at this point, it would be best to just keep the alarm on during the day so we KNOW when she "escapes" to pick flowers.

The next morning, I took our puppy, Cannon, outside.  My little bit grabbed my hand and said...Let me show you where the "Morning Flowers" are.  She led me to a tucked away spot behind our house, in between our yard and the neighbors...between two fences, behind a tree...and there.were.the "Morning Flowers".  She literally gasped...she has a true love of nature's beauty.  I let her pick one and she was more than happy.  The next morning when I took our little Cannon outside, I told her to stay inside.  Her only request was...Mama...Can you bring me back a "Morning Flower"?  So I did...and once again, she was happy.

A few nights ago she spent the night with my mom and dad, "Nana and Granddaddy".  She called the next morning to tell me it was "morning day" and time to come get her.  I love her choice of words and exploration of their meanings.  When I picked her up, I told her I had a surprise waiting for her at home.  Little did she know...I had painted some Mason jars and arranged her beloved "Morning Flowers" inside for a sweet little floral display in our kitchen.  When we arrived home, she once again gasped, pulled her stool up to the counter and admired their beauty, smiled, touched them, and asked if she could pull one out to hold.  I love her appreciation for life's beauty, nature and the colors God has so boldly placed around us to admire.  It seems sometimes I need a reminder to be "simpler", enjoy "more" and sit back to admire the beauty.

Thank you, little bit, for pointing out what is now my new favorite type of flower...the "Morning Flower".

Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of this precious soul I have to raise, love and guide.  I pray You lead me to teach her Your ways as she has taught me to always admire Your works.

And to my neighbors, if these are your flowers, I apologize...there are a few missing.  ;)

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