Do You Ever?

Do you ever say these things??  Anyone??  Or am I in this boat all alone?  I like to think not, but it never hurts to hear..."You're not the only one"...

TOP 25 Statements/Questions in My Home THIS WEEK...YES, Just This Week...

25.  Get out of the freezer.
24.  No, you cannot have another snack.
23.  That's a piece of WHAT?!
22.  No, I haven't seen Roberto (snail)...No, I don't see him in the jar, either...
21.  Brush your teeth.  Brush them again.
20.  Daddy won't be home for a long time and he's not going to save you anyway.
19.  Where did you get that?!
18.  Put the ball outside.
17.  No...I didn't know he ate a crayon.  Yes.  I do see it in his poop.  (Referring to the dog)
16.  FOR THE LOVE...If I step on ANOTHER Lego!!
15.  Brush your teeth.  No you didn't.  Your toothbrush is dry.
14.  Be truthful.  Your Bubba did NOT eat the candy.  YOUR tongue is blue, not his.
13.  Yes.  Worms need air to breathe.  No, you can't let them have recess in the indoor plant pots.
12.  Get the laundry basket off your sister's back.  No.  She is NOT a turtle.  Get her OUT.
11. The dryer button DOES NOT pull out.  You're thinking of the washing machine.  Is that the dryer button in your HAND?!
10.  Brush your teeth.  Again.  It doesn't count without the toothpaste.
9.  Are those shorts clean?  **sniff, sniff**...take them off...TAKE THEM OFF!
8.  It's NOT yucky, you ate it just last week.  Eat it.  Eat it now or you'll see it until you do!
7.  Yes, we've already had dinner, don't you remember eating?  No...I won't cook another one.
6.  Has anyone seen my earrings?  Lipstick?  Lotion?  Shoes? Remote? Toilet Tissue? Phone?  Pen?  Body Spray?  Keys?  Salt?  Pepper?  Gum?  Brush?  Glasses?  No...I haven't checked the shopping cart.  No...I DON'T have to pay to shop.
5.  Have you brushed your teeth?  Do you even know where your toothbrush is??
4.  Is this fingernail polish?!
3.  You sent a text to WHO?!
2.  Yes.  I DID have TVs growing up.  I'm 36, not 136.
1.  I love you...always, forever and then some...YOU make me smile.

Some days the redirecting makes me smile.  Some days it makes my head ache, some days I want to cry and some days I want to run...but most days...and at the END of all days, I thank God for my precious children.  I often think about my son's age of 9 as being the "middle ground".  The innocent years are fading and we're halfway to that point of...he's gone.  No longer in my home, no longer mine to redirect, but hopefully always willing to listen even if he doesn't "do" as I think he should or "act" as I think he should, I hope he always remembers...I love you.  I am here for you.  No matter what, no matter when, I will always be right here.  My daughter is younger, but it seems as if only yesterday my son were her age, so I know too well that it's fleeting...and I pray God would help me to enjoy every.single.second.  Whether my dryer works or not...whether I can find the toothbrush or not...but EVERY single second.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL the moms who have said these things, thought these things, long to say these things, will be saying these things soon and who have said these things in the past...you make our world turn...and some days you'll spin with it, but one day you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the spin as it slows, remembering all the days you said...I love you.

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