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Have you ever asked your local public or school librarian if you can volunteer to read one-on-one to students?  You should!  You'll be surprised by how excited he/she gets...and if that's not the case...you might want to speak to someone else since more readers is ALWAYS a good thing. 

For me, in a school library, I send an email to teachers once school has been in session for approximately a month.  This way, it's still more or less the beginning of the year, but it has given the teachers a little bit of time to get to know their students.  I simply ask this...Can you please respond to this email with up to five students who might benefit from being read aloud to in the library.  I make a list compiling all of these students and keep it in a folder for anytime I have volunteer readers.  I have readers who come once a month, readers who show up when they're able and one time reading voluteers.  I always encourage drop in readers - if they're willing, I'll take them.  Keep in mind, some readers are going to be "better" than others.  I have one volunteer who reads to students and I KNOW she must have been a teacher in a previous life.  She asks great comprehension questions, she makes connections with students, she is AH-MAZING.  I have other readers who are a little less exciting, but they do read the book to the student.  All in all, it really doesn't matter...if these students are not getting read to at home or DO get read to, but are simply struggling due to outside issues, any reading aloud they can hear and take part in is of benefit. 

As for a public library, they're always having groups come in such as preschool field trips, children's homes, nursing homes, etc.  There's usually always a day/time that you can volunteer to read.  We librarians LOVE to read, but unfortunately, there's much to be done other than JUST sit around and read aloud all day...plus our students and patrons enjoy hearing a new voice and meeting a new face. 

So...if you have a few extra minutes in the day, stop by your school or public library and simply ask..."Is there a good time when I can read to some of your students/patrons?"...they'll be glad you did...and YOU'LL be glad you did!

Keep supporting our libraries and our children...reading is a priority.

Yours Truly...Me

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