Beautiful Bookmarks to Print and Color - FREE!

I love a good freebie...especially when it's a resource I can use in the library or pass on to my students.  My kiddos are always asking for bookmarks...it's fun to visit the library and leave with something you get to KEEP along with the book you have to RETURN.  My theory is this...if you have something in the library that makes them want to COME to the library...that's half the battle with our struggling/disinterested readers.  Once they're here, it gives me a few minutes to help them find a book they love or to entice them to try something new...even if they only came for the "free stuff". 

I came across this great website by a talented artist who offers freebies as well as paid doodle coloring books...we're never too old to color, right?  I fell in love with her free bookmarks and print them on cardstock often for my students.  I have a stack of them by their check out station as I type.  These would be fun little tokens to include in Halloween or Fall Festival goodie bags or to print/cut/send to school with your child as a little spontaneous act of kindness for your favorite teacher.  The students will love them and the teacher will smile because he/she did not have to take the time to print and cut them!

You can find Dawn's beautiful, hand-drawHERE.  Go leave her a comment and let her know how much you appreciate her freebies.  Keep spreading a love for reading...
n bookmarks

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