Dr. Seuss Bingo Cards ***Freebie***!

I have such a fun freebie for you today!  Dr. Seuss Day/Theodor Seuss Geisel's Birthday is one of my FAVORITE celebrations of the year.  We always have so much fun celebrating - at school AND at home!  We celebrate the entire week at school with dress up days, a photo booth, illustrator/author visits and lots of fun activities.  This year, Seuss Week is February 29th - March 4th.  A few years ago, I created these Dr. Seuss Bingo Cards as a fun way to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day in the library.  I'm sharing them today FOR FREE!  Follow the links below for 8 Bingo Cards as well as the complete 7 page Calling Card list with pictures.  I always cut the list apart and put the pieces in a jar to use during the game.  Need more for your classroom, child's teacher, birthday party, etc?  You can find all 40 cards + calling list in my store here.  I've JUST discounted them from $5 to $3!  If you decide to purchase the 40 card set, these will be delivered via email.  I always used red hots/smarties/various candy for bingo chips.  If you only need a few for a party or small gathering, I hope these 8 FREE Bingo Cards will be just what you need!  Enjoy!

Bingo Cards 1 & 2

Bingo Cards 3 & 4

Bingo Cards 5 & 6

Bingo Cards 7 & 8

Calling List Page 1

Calling List Page 2 

Calling List Page 3

Calling List Page 4

Calling List Page 5

Calling List Page 6

Calling List Page 7

***Link to ALL 40 Cards*** - Recently discounted from $5 to $3! (cards will be sent via email)

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