***Freebies*** References and Resources "Cheat Sheet" Bookmark Printables

Finding reliable information is difficult for kids these days.  In a world where they are immersed in information from every direction, they have to be taught that not all of that information is true and/or current.  There are certain places that are better than others to find reliable information, especially when it comes to research projects, presentations and papers.  Students have to be taught and reminded throughout their school years as technology and current events are constantly changing.  I've compiled a little *cheat sheet* bookmark that defines reliable resources for students AND gives them one of my favorite places to go to find information - Fact Monster.  I love giving this to students at the end of a lesson on Research and Reference Skills.  Laminate, cut and they'll be ready to go.  I hope you'll enjoy this little freebie today as a thank you for reading along at Reading Redeemed.  Just click on the picture to enlarge the bookmarks.

I've also created a bookmark *cheat sheet* on citing sources.  If you would like to see those, you can find it here.



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