I Visited the Library Today - Freebie for Teachers/Librarians

This is a fun little freebie for teachers/librarians.  It's a great way to announce the first library visit of the year to parents.  In my school, the Kindergarten students DO check out books during their Back-to-School Orientation, but they do not take them home yet.  The PreK and Kindergarten students keep books in their classrooms so they can practice "book responsibility".  Since books are not going home yet, many times parents don't know if their child has visited the library or not.  This is a fun way to reinforce how to say "L-i-b-r-a-r-y" with your younger students AND a great way to practice writing the librarian's name - or for those still learning, the name can be filled in by the teacher before copies are made.  Just a fun token for the librarian to give to students the first time they visit OR for teachers to give upon returning to the classroom while talking about their library visit.  Enjoy!

Grab your "I Visited the Library Today" Freebie HERE.

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