Storyline Online - Free Books Online Read by Celebrities!

http://www.storylineonline.net/Storyline Online is one of my favorite places to find free "eBooks".  They're not books you read on the computer or tablet screen like your typical eBooks, but rather picture books read aloud by celebrities.  Founded by the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Storyline Online consists of approximately 30 books, each read by a different celebrity.  The only problem with this free site is that it doesn't grow quickly enough for the changing entertainment industry and the latest kid craze as far as favorite "super stars".  They do have an area on their page where you can make donations to help grow the site.  It's definitely a fun place on the web to visit together with your children or to show on the whiteboard to a class of students.  The more we use it, spread the word and make donations, the more it will grow.  It's a great concept - let's let them know we love it!

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